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Fit Women

Makin' Momma Moves Fest

Saturday, May 25th 11AM-3PM

Grab your mat, booty shorts, Caribbean flag, and heels for a day of wellness, fitness, and community led by moms, for all women.



Simone Sobers
Twerk Therapy + Twerk Cardio

Creator of The Boss Chick Dance Workout and professional dancer, trainer, and choreographer


Teneice Bowie
Matte Pilates

Classically trained Pilates instructor and creator of Matte Pilates, a contemporary music driven pilates mat format.


Johanna Cueva
Salsa Ladies Styling

Professional dance and fitness Pro and Creator of More than Salsa


Sandra Soyer
Soca Dance Fitness

Owner of In de Fete Fitness with over 15 years of dance experience.

Festival Schedule

11AM: "Hot + Healed Mama"

Twerk Flow


11:40AM "She Get It From Her Momma"

Twerk Cardio

12:20 Break


12:40PM "Island Mami"

In De Fete Fitness (Soca Dance Fitness)

1:20PM "Mamacita"

Salsa Ladies Styling

2PM "Strong Like A Mom"

Matte Pilates


What to Expect + What to Bring

Come ready to sweat!

Session 1

"Hot+Healed" Mama

What to Expect: Twerk Therapy A 40-minute intro to twerk through a flow set to the sounds of Amapiano/Afrobeats.

What to Bring: your favorite soft fabric twerk shorts or leggings, and knee pads or yoga. mat

Session 3

'Island Mami"

What to Expect: In De Fete Fitness A heart pumping trip to the islands through music and dance. Come ready to sweat with one of S. FL's bets soca dance fitness classes!

What to Bring: Rep your island and bring a flag to class!

Session 2

"She Get It From Her Momma"

What to Expect: Twerk Cardio A high energy follow along dance fitness experience: Hip-hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats twerkout.

What to Bring: Sneakers, water, towel

Session 4


What to Expect: Salsa Ladies Styling Tap into your femininity and power through a sensual and energetic ladies styling workshop.

What to Bring: Heels that you can dance in.

Session 5

"Strong Like A Mom"

What to Expect: Matte Pilates A contemporary music driven pilates mat experience that will take you on a powerful journey with Hip-Hop and R&B soundscapes.

What to Bring: A mat.

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